What parents are saying...

Shreve Island is very much a family environment-

a place of acceptance and love that invites all in

and teaches lifelong leadership skills. It is truly

a unique and remarkable place! My children have

flourished at Shreve Island. Both have their needs

met with loving professionals who see each child

as an individual and help each of my children to

be the best person they can be. It has been really,

really neat to see both of my children shine in their

own light...thanks largely to the environment that

Shreve Island creates on a daily basis!


I would absolutely recommend it to other families.  I so wish that every parent would get to experience Shreve Island and see how unique and special the school is. Shreve Island has often been described as "the best kept secret" in Caddo...I want that secret to get out!!

-The Blancher Family (Kindergarten, 3rd Grade)

The teachers personally invest so much of their time and talents into their students. The focus on reading and teaching leadership skills are so important, and Shreve Island makes both of these a priority.

My son (now a junior) still practices the 7 Habits he learned while there. My daughter Avery has a such a love of reading and has been nurtured along in her love of singing and creating art through the Talented Arts program that her teachers and Mrs. Davis recommended her for.  


Hands down the best choice for Elementary school in our area! The faculty becomes family and they instill such a love of learning in our kids that lasts well beyond these formative years!


-Casey Nichols (Parent of 5th Grader)

The faculty and both our daughters' teachers have made us so comfortable since day one. It's a second family! We Love SIE!! Both girls have improved in so many different ways since being at SIE. Our oldest has improved & reached many milestones that she was never predicted to do! Our 1st grader is young for her grade & wasn't near as up to par as the others when she started kindergarten - but she pushed herself & has excelled ever since. She LOVES her teacher & her counselor! She loves having them to confide in & express her feelings...and for a momma that's HUGE!!! No greater feeling than knowing your child is loved and taken care of just like she were their own! To those considering Shreve Island I would say "Go for it!! You won't regret it!!"

-Charrier Family (1st Grade & Special Eduation)

We love the fun learning environment, technology, focus on Leadership skills, and easy access to communicate with teachers about problems/concerns. He has improved his reading skills and self confidence. He loves going to school. It's a great school that nurtures kids both academically and socially. The teachers and students both love being there! 

The Evans Family (2nd Grade)

The year round schedule is THE best for parents who work! Both of my girls have loved SIE and all of theirs teachers. They have developed into smart, sensitive, well rounded, and independent young women. I feel inspired by the confidence they possess in themselves and their school. Everyone at SIE knows my kids and treat them like part of a huge extended family. We chose SIE as the best school program for our children. I think SIE offers a more balanced educational opportunity than other schools in town. I enjoy the comraderie and full-on family atmosphere at SIE. Everyone works together to make every one excel. 

-Duhon Family (Kindergarten, 4th Grade)

My son Joshua has a language delay. Before Joshua start attending Ms. Page's class he had a hard time expressing himself verbally. This Christmas Joshua was the highlight of our evening. To hear him holding a conversation with his great uncles and aunts was trulying amazing! Their favorite question to ask him was, who's your best friend and each time he would proudly answer Ms. Page! Mrs. Page, Ms. Morse, and Ms. Stoll are absolutely amazing! I'm so grateful that they are Joshuas's teachers.


-Sharon Snow (Parent of Kindergartener)

I love the focus on leadership and how much responsibility Shreve Island gives the students. Being an only child for so long, my child never had to share or compromise before Shreve Island. She is now a great problem solver. She also became a great reader with the help of Mrs. Dysart. I would tell [other parents] that Shreve Island is the best school. They have the most amazing Teachers, the best communication and the "year round" schedule is excellent for helping kids retain what they have learned.

-Heather Craig (Parent of 3rd Grader)

We love our teacher! They are really good about keeping you informed - Dojo is always going off! We love the school so far! 

-The Clark Family (Kindergarten)

I love the fact that they learn and then they also save time to have fun. I love the nice teachers and Mr. C. My child has developed many great skills at Shreve Island. It is really a good school!

-Jamille King (5th Grade Parent) 

This school is a loving community that values not only academic success, but also taking personal responsibility for one's actions and being inclusive and caring toward others. They embrace diversity in the truest sense and live their values! They teach our children more than academics - they also teach them to be good community members and leaders. My child comes home talking about leadership ideas like, "Putting first things first" and now we use this language at home. She is taking more responsibility for her work, even at age 6! And, of course, she's learning the joy of reading :) This is an amazing school, and a truly loving community. We are delighted to send our child here, and cannot recommend it highly enough.

-The Parker Family (1st Grade)

It's like a family! I have 2 children that have gone all the way through from kindergarten to fifth. Both of them were well prepared for Middle Magnet and the Seven Habits taught them how to be really considerate of others. I have a second grader that is still at Shreve Island and one day we were at the store and he saw something on the floor and said, "Oh, I better pick that up before someone trips!". Shreve Island teaches them to be proactive. Not only do they get a great education, but they come out of there better people!


My kids and I love all the teachers there too! It's a great school with great teachers and families. The education is equivalent to the magnet programs and the atmosphere is very friendly like a private school. I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else. We are there on contract and drive 30 minutes to get there because it is such a good school. The year round schedule is awesome. The kids get so many breaks! It is a great time to take vacations! Since the summer isn't quite as long, the kids retain a lot more information and ease right back into the schedule at the first of the year. We love it there!

-McClure Family (2nd Grade)

My son had a really hard time transitioning to Kindergarten. Starting school made him extremely anxious. For the first couple weeks his teacher and the staff helped us through it!! Now Cooper is more confident and independent!! I love the 7 habits and the focus on leadership and respecting others. so thankful for their support! Definitely consider Shreve Island! It's a warm family atmosphere and everyone feels welcomed!

-Carissa Dubois, (Parent of Kindergartener)

The teachers are amazing. They truly try their best to help my child learn. I am grateful for them. She wants to learn more and is trying harder now. One of the best schools around. The teachers are kind an understanding of your child 's needs.

-The Fudge Family (4th Grade)

The teachers at Shreve Island are amazing. They truly love our children and want them to succeed. Our principal is one of a kind. He as well loves the children at Shreve Island and strives to connect with each one of them. They have learned a lot.  It is an amazing school that has an amazing staff. They are one of a kind. There is nothing negative I can say about any of the teachers that we have had the pleasure of being in their classes. You will not be disappointed.

-The Yeates Family (Kindergarten, 2nd Grade)

I love how personable the teachers and staff are. They go out of there way to help families in need. I would absolutely recommend Shreve Island!! I have a 5th grader that has done great in the school and have another 4 years with my youngest. We are Shreve Island proud. It's a great place for your child to be. Teachers go out of there way to help and love on your child. Not only the child but there family as well. 

-The Croft Family (Kindergarten, 5th Grade)

It's a wonderful school and I love the way they interact with the the students they are always willing to help with any problems you are having. The teachers are wonderful and my children love school!

-Lakeshia Butler (Parent of Kindergartener & 2nd Grader)

The teachers are hands-on and everyone is just so nice. My daughter loves her school and omes home with something she's learned new everyday!Shreve Island is a great school I'm glad I was recommend this school!

-Caroline Feaster (Parent of Kindergartener)