Student safety is paramount at

Shreve Island. During school hours

all gates are kept locked and

entrance is restricted to the front

door where the secretary must buzz

any visitors in. All visitors are

required to present ID in the office

to get a visitor badge.  All visitors

are screened in our Raptor Visitor 

Management System before cleared

to visit. In addition, a thorough

network of security cameras provide an additional level of accountability.


Procedures and protocols are in place and drills are practiced regularly to familiarize the students with how to respond in case of emergency. We follow district guidelines with respect to fire, tornado, and lock-down drills. 

School Liaison Officer on Duty 

We are proud to have Corporal Clinton Grigsby of the Shreveport Police Department serve on our campus during the school day. He handles everything from carpool to patrolling recess, cafeteria and the hallways. We all feel secure with Officer Grigsby on campus. He is also great with the kids!



Raptor Technologies Visitor Management System  is the nation's leading provider of school safety technologies. This visitor tracking system provides instant screening for registered sex offenders, custodial alerts, silent alarms and other custom and emergency notifications as needed by school administration. Over 16,000 campuses across the U.S. trust Raptor to keep their students safe.



On their initial visit, every visitor is required to present ID to be scanned into the system.  For subsequent visits, they must simply show ID as their information is in the system.  Raptor instantly checks each visitor's identify against constantly updated national sex offender lists. School administration can also enter custom alerts as needed for custodial or other issues.  The system then prints a detailed photo badge which must be worn visibly while on campus.  Using Raptor we are able to keep track of all visitors who are on campus at any given time.  Click here and here to learn more about how Raptor works.



Online Safety

As part of a school environment that uses technology integration as part of our curriculum, our children learn digital citizenship at an early age and how to protect themselves and others online. We teach our students:

  • to protect private information

  • to treat others with respect online just as they would in person

  • the distinction between “friends” in a world driven by social media 

  • the ramifications of social media at an age-appropriate level

Internet Filtering

We also maintain diligence in ensuring that the school and district's content filters are working properly to ensure that no inappropriate content can be accessed.  In addition, the chromebooks provided for students in grades 3 - 5 are set up requiring them to sign into their school google account in order to access any program or internet access. This provides absolute accountability for all activity while they are online under their own name. All activity is monitored and  recorded by Caddo IT Department and inappropriate or concerning searches will trigger alerts to administration.