Gifted Education

Gateway and Discoveries are the two programs which provide academic enrichment for high achieving students at Shreve Island. 



The Caddo Parish Gateway Program is a Special Education Program designed to meet the needs of students who have been identified as being gifted.  Gifted children are students who demonstrate abilities that give evidence of high performance in academic and intellectual aptitude.  Each student works to achieve the goal established in their Individual Education Plan (IEP).


At Shreve Island, Gateway students attend the Gateway class every day.  Students in grades K-3 attend 45 minutes per day as an additional enrichment period. Students work on higher level thinking activities using age appropriate materials.  They are provided opportunities for complex, in-depth study designed to build thinking, research, communication, and technology skills.  Fourth and fifth grade students attend the Gateway class to receive their language arts instruction (approximately 160 min).  These students are provided differentiated lessons and challenging educational opportunities which both enhance and extend the instruction found in the regular education setting.  The curriculum is both accelerated and compacted enabling these high achievers to excel academically and personally.

Qualifying for Gateway

Children are identified as potential gifted students in several ways. 

  • Children can be referred for screening based on high test scores (DIBELS, statewide test scores, etc.)  

  • Classroom teachers can request that a child be screened for the gifted program

  • Screening results for other programs (Discoveries, etc.) may indicate a need for a gifted screening

  • parents may request a screening

The School Building Level Committee (SBLC) conducts a review of the screening information and makes a recommendation as to whether or not further testing is warranted.



The Discoveries Program is an enrichment class for high-achieving students.  Its purpose is to challenge these students to extend critical and creative thinking skills.  Small groups of 6-12 students meet twice a week for 45 minutes.


Shreve Island Discoveries students participate in activities (depending on their grade level) involving logic/reasoning games and puzzles, figurative language study, research, computer publishing, book study, vocabulary development and field trips.  All grades participate in the Young Poet’s Society each spring.  This is our largest unit of study and our favorite!  We are extremely proud of the many writing awards and publishing of our poems through the years.


Qualifying for Discoveries


Becoming part of the Discoveries Program begins with a teacher recommendation.  Parent requests are not accepted.  Students who are recommended display the following qualities:


  • Outstanding academic achievement (3.0 or higher in academic subjects)

  • Exemplary behavior (A or B in conduct)

  • High motivation

  • Creativity

Recommended students are then screened with an aptitude test.  Students must score in the high average range in order to be considered.  2nd – 5th grade students are accepted into the program at the beginning of the year, with 1st graders’ qualification starting at mid-term.

Shreve Island Elementary Discoveries –

Where it’s okay not to know,

But it’s not okay to not try



Mission Statement:

In Discoveries, our mission is to become exemplary thinkers who work daily to stretch our brains, think outside the box, and never give up.

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