Start/End Times

School starts promptly at 7:50 AM in the morning. Students should arrive in time to be in their classroom by that time.  We allow drop-offs beginning at 7:20 AM. Those that are eating breakfast at school should arrive no later than 7:35.


School dismisses at 3:15 PM. Carpool is from 3:15 to 3:30. All students should be picked up by 3:30. To avoid excessive waits in the carpool line, try joining the line in progress around 3:20 or 3:25. This reduces your wait to 5 or 10 minutes maximum.

Carpool Procedures

Morning carpool regulations:


  • Parents bringing their PreK - 1st grade children to school in cars should use the driveway at the back of the school on Robarbs St. (see map)

  • Children in grades 2 – 5 should be dropped off in the front of the school on Sewanee Pl. (map)

  • Carpools that consist of students in PreK-1 st and siblings that are 2nd – 5th should utilize the back carpool area.

Afternoon regulations: 

  • All parents of students who do not ride a bus and are not approved walkers (verified address within walking distance) must use the carpool line.

  • Do not park in the parking lot or on neighborhood streets and walk up to pick up your child. 

  • Please follow the provided carpool maps to enter the carpool line. Breaking in line through side streets is not allowed.

  • All cars will be given an official Shreve Island carpool sign to go in their windshield hanging from the mirror. It is vital that you utilize the carpool signs in your windshield.

  • Students in grades 2-5 will be picked up in the front of the school, Students in PK-1 st grade will be picked up in the back (with their older siblings if applicable).

  • If your child is not ready for pickup when you are at the pickup point, please pull up as directed by duty personnel and the student will be called again.

  • We ask that you turn right as you leave the rear carpool area so that you do not hold up traffic behind you.

  • As you are waiting in line, do not block the driveways of our neighbors or intersecting streets.

  • No parking in the front or back driveways. If you need to get out of your car to go into the building, please park your car in one of the parking spaces.



If you wish to have your child go home with a friend or by some method other than his/her regular method, we must have a written note. The office will call you to confirm the note. If we do not have a written note, we will require the child to go home in the usual way.



NO check outs after 2:30 PM. Please do not check your child out early unless it is an emergency. Every instructional minute counts.  Valid photo identification must be shown when checking out your child. This is for the protection of your child. The person checking out the child must be listed on the child’s demographic.  Parents must wait in the office while the child comes from class to meet them.




Upcoming Events

Thurs, Nov 14

5th Grade Music Program

at Captain Shreve Auditorium

6:00 PM 

Fri, Nov 15

Grandparents Day

Grades 3rd - 5th 

8:00 AM

Tues, Nov 19

Spirit Night at Dillas!

Thurs, Nov 21

Family Math Night

6:00 - 7:00 PM 

All Ages!

Nov 25 - 29

Thanksgiving Break

Thurs, Dec 5

Non-Uniform for those paid on

Dec 9 - 12

Swim for Life at YMCA

All 2nd Graders

Wed, Dec 11

Froggy's Fruit Stand

Progress Reports

Tues, Dec 17

3rd Grade Music Program 

6:00 PM at Captain Shreve

Thurs, Dec 19

Non-Uniform for those paid on

Class Parties

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Fri, Dec 20 - Fri, Jan 3

Christmas Break

Mon, Jan 6

Professional Development

Day - No School

Tues, Jan 7 

Students Return

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